Armstrong Bagpipes

Armstrong Bagpipes are based off an original, innovative design which doesn't mirror any older set of bagpipes.

Chris set out to create a new instrument which surpasses the sound he strives to produce with ease of setup and tuning.

The process of designing Armstrong Bagpipes started with an initial conversation with Craig Munro of Wallace Bagpipes in late 2015. Average bore and internal sizes were taken from a sample of 6 sets of pipes which provided a starting point for the extensive design and testing of the instrument. Through the development stages various bore sizes were tested until Chris settled on what are now the final internal dimensions for the Armstrong Bagpipe. One of the key design features are the unique bells in the tenor and bass drone tops. The tenors having a cup shaped bell with the bass having a conical shaped bell - this gives the drones a very balanced projection of bass and tenor creating an excellent overall blend of harmonics.

If you have any questions or require advice on customising your instrument, please get in touch.

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